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My definition of a round barn is [almost any barn that is not rectangular!]:
  • True round wooden barns.
  • True round glazed tile barns.
  • Multi-sided barns, greater than 4 sides.


These barns and bridges may or may not be on the National Register of Historic Places. These are barns and bridges that I have photographed. I have spent many-many hours/days reading books and scouring web sites for locations of round barns and covered bridges. I have spent many hours and miles searching the country side for round barns and covered bridges that I find reference to in books and web sites and that I hear about by talking to people. I put up this web site for the enjoyment of all who are interested in this hobby. Enjoy the pictures; have fun looking for the real item. At times it got very frustrating trying to find an item when its location was described as in xyz county! I have tried to give directions on how to find each of the items that are on this web site. Some of the road names may not match the road signs as I have taken most of the road names from DeLormes Street Atlas maps because I pinpoint the item on the map when I’m in the car, then write the directions after I get home. The mileage given should be reasonably correct.