Sep ’10 What’s New?

9-30-10GeorgiaAdded modern bridge Sidney Lanier.
Added iron bridge St. Mary’s Swing.
FloridaAdded iron bridge Old Ellaville.
Added RR bridge CSX Swing.
9-29-10MarylandAdded iron bridge Gov Harry Nice.
FloridaAdded modern bridge Hart, Matthews, Myrtle Av..
Added RR bridge FEC St. Johns River.
Added iron bridge Main St. Lift.
9-26-10IllinoisAdded wood bridge Snag Creek.
Added iron bridge Crow Creek.
FloridaAdded modern bridge Dames Point.
Added wood bridge Fort King #1, Fort King #2, Fort King #3.
Added RR bridge Sulphur Springs CSX, ACL Hillsborough River.
Added iron bridge Pleasure Island #1, #2, #3, & #4, Hillsborough River Lift,
Laurel St. Bascule.
9-24-10MississippiAdded suspension bridge Byram Swing.
IllinoisAdded iron bridge Woodland, Prairie Creek, Pike Creek, Martinton Ditch #3.
FloridaAdded iron bridge Animal Kingdom.
Added stone arch bridge Stone Arch.
Added suspension bridge Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Swiss Family Robinson.
Added RR bridge CSX Swing.
9-23-10VermontAdded picture to 45-13-05, 45-13-10.
IllinoisAdded geodesic house IL-14-02.
Added picture to IL-41-01.
Added octagon bldg IL-41-02.
Added octagon school IL-13-02.
9-20-10OhioAdded picture to 35-58-15, 35-58-35, 35-58-38, 35-58-41,
35-58-a, 35-60-31, 35-60-c.
MarylandCorrected the length for 20-11-(a.
AlabamaAdded picture to 01-06-A.
9-19-10MissouriAdded water tower Chrysler Emblem.
KentuckyAdded water tower Dixie Cup.
IllinoisAdded water tower Mendon, Adams County Fair, Clayton Camp Point,
Mill Creek #1, Mill Creek #2, Liberty, ABS, Baylis, Pike County WD, Cityscape,
South Jacksonville, Paxton, Onarga, Crossroads, Gilman, Danforth.
9-18-10PennsylvaniaChanged the location of 38-36-13.
Marked 38-36-06 as closed.
OhioAdded covered bridge 35-66-d.
IllinoisAdded water tower Plainville, Indian Head, Quincy, Ursa, Loraine.
FloridaAdded picture to 09-57-(a.
AlabamaAdded picture to 01-49-a.
9-17-10IllinoisAdded water tower Bond-Madison, Grafton, Jersey County Rural Water,
Jersey County Rural Water, Medora, Rockbridge, Tiger Head,
Murrayville Woodson, Franklin, Curran Gardner, Barry, Hull.
9-16-10New HampshireMarked 29-02-f as gone.
IllinoisAdded water tower Alma, Shobonier, Patoka, Keyesport, Mulberry Grove, Lincoln,
Fillmore, Oak Terrace, Ramsey, Pierron, Highland #1, Highland #3, Marine.
9-15-10MarylandAdded covered bridge 20-06-c.
IllinoisAdded geodesic house IL-34-03.
Added oval crib IL-54-09.
9-14-10New BrunswickAdded picture to 55-02-15.
AlabamaMarked 01-09-B as gone.
9-12-10PennsylvaniaAdded oval bldg PA-16-01, PA-33-03.
New YorkAdded hexagon bldg NY-28-04.
9-11-10IllinoisAdded picture to Kinmundy.
Added water tower Altamont, St. Elmo, Brownstown, Fisherman, Mason,
Edgewood, Farina #1, Farina #2, St. Peter, Kinmundy.
9-10-10OhioAdded picture to 35-23-K, 35-23-(a, 35-37-a, 35-40-06, 35-61-33, 35-61-34,
35-61-40, 35-61-(a, 35-66-A, 35-66-B, 35-66-c, 35-71-c, 35-84-(a.
North CarolinaAdded covered bridge 33-85-A.
IllinoisAdded round school IL-53-06.
IndianaAdded picture to 14-70-07.
9-8-10IllinoisAdded water tower Colchester, Colchester Indians, Plymouth, Bowen, Sun,
C-CPWC, Golden, Camp Point, Columbus C-CPWC, Clayton, Timewell, Hornet,
Mt. Sterling, ABS, Versailles, Perry, Pike County WD, Griggsville.
9-7-10VermontCorrected location of 45-10-02.
IllinoisAdded water tower Beardstown, Littleton, Eagle, Macomb Bombers, Macomb WIU.
9-6-10VermontAdded #3 to 45-13-u.
MassachusettsAdded #3 to 21-06-04.
IllinoisAdded water tower CRWD, Cardinal, Cargill, Beardstown, Tiger Head.
9-5-10IndianaMarked IN-18-01 as gone.
IllinoisAdded water tower Palestine, Robinson, Flat Rock, Hardinville, Ste Marie, Eagle,
Welcome to Newton, EJ Water Island Grove, Lake Sara, Beecher City.
HawaiiChanged 11-04-a to 11-05-a, HI-01-01 to HI-02-01,
HI-01-02 to HI-02-02, HI-06-01 to HI-05-01.
9-3-10West VirginiaAdded #2 to 48-52-01.
OhioAdded covered bridge 35-80-b.
Added picture to 35-21-f, 35-58-32, 35-83-B, 35-83-d, 35-61-34.
MassachusettsAdded #2 to 21-06-02.
MarylandChanged 20-15-F to 20-21-A.
9-2-10West VirginiaAdded picture to 48-09-01, 48-17-03, 48-18-04, 48-21-03, 48-25-02, 48-52-01.
PennsylvaniaAdded picture to 38-39-05, 38-39-06.
OhioAdded picture to 35-11-A, 35-14-a, 35-21-04, 35-21-C, 35-21-d, 35-21-E.
Corrected location for 35-30-12.
MassachusettsChanged 21-11-i to 21-11-(b, 21-12-G to 21-12-g.
9-1-10 Updated CB lists for CO, CT, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA, MO, MS,
Updated RB lists for IL, MI, MO, MS, OH, OR, PA, WA, WI, WV.