May ’03 What’s New?

5-29-03North CarolinaAdded covered bridges 33-18-01 & 33-76-01.
5-28-03PennsylvinaAdded octagon house PA-20-04.
OhioAdded octagon houses OH-78-02 & OH-78-04,
octagon bldgs OH-78-03 & OH-78-05,
round house OH-86-03, & octagon church OH-86-04.
5-25-03IllinoisAdded octagon house IL-78-02.
Added Bears & Bear to Wood Carvings
section of Interesting Stuff.
Added Civil War & River
to Pictures on Buildings
section of Pictures on Barns.
Added octagon building IL-50-10.
5-21-03WashingtonUpdated location for 47-06-01, 47-14-01,
47-21-02, & 47-38-01.
PennsylvaniaAdded round barn PA-56-02.
5-19-03New YorkAdded picture to NY-39-01.
Added octagon house NY-13-02.
5-18-03IllinoisAdded covered bridge 13-99-C.
Added Totem Pole to Wood Carvings
section of Interesting Stuff.
5-17-03OregonAdded Oregon Jamboree &
Covered Bridge Scene to Pictures on Buildings
section of Pictures on Barns.
PennsylvaniaAdded covered bridges 38-01-14, 38-21-13,
38-28-02, 38-36-30, 38-49-06, & 38-50-17.
New YorkAdded octagon house NY-16-03.
5-16-03VirginiaAdded octagon building VA-93-01.
Added round building VA-47-01 & VA-47-02.
PennsylvaniaAdded octagon building PA-31-04,
PA-56-01, & PA-60-03.
Added octagon school PA-21-01.
Added octagon garage PA-17-01 & PA-36-02.
Added octagon barn PA-05-01 & PA-36-01.
OhioAdded octagon barn OH-04-10.
New YorkAdded octagon house NY-09-12.
MarylandAdded round building MD-01-01.
5-15-03New JerseyAdded octagon building NJ-01-01.
Added hexagon building NJ-01-02.
New HampshireAdded round building NH-07-01.
MarylandAdded octagon church MD-21-01.
MassachusettesAdded octagon house MA-06-03.
WisconsinAdded round barn WI-03-02.
5-14-03IllinoisAdded octagon building IL-99-23.
KentuckyAdded covered bridges 17-09-03, 17-12-01,
17-35-04, 17-35-05, 17-35-06, 17-37-01,
17-45-01, 17-68-03, 17-78-01, & 17-101-01.
5-11-03KentuckyAdded covered bridge 17-75-A.
5-10-03WashingtonAdded covered bridges 47-06-01,
47-06-02, 47-14-01, 47-17-03,
47-17-A, 47-21-02, & 47-35-01.
Added picture to 47-38-01.
5-9-03PennsylvaniaAdded covered bridges
38-01-01, 38-01-08, & 38-36-04.
OregonAdded covered bridges 37-20-41,
37-21-08, 37-21-11, 37-21-14,
37-22-02, 37-22-03, & 37-22-04.
5-6-03OhioAdded round house OH-85-09.
New YorkAdded picture to NY-39-04.
5-4-03WisconsinAdded birds & flowers to Pictures on Buildings.
MinnesotaAdded Janesville to Pictures on Silos & Bins.
Added flag & face to Roof Art.
IowaAdded Dvorak, Decorah, circus parade,
band stand, & Winneshiek County to
Pictures on Buildings.
5-2-03MissouriAdded covered bridge 25-69-01.
5-2-03 Updated RB lists for CA, IL, IN,
KS, MI, NE, OH, PA, VA, & WI.
5-1-03NebraskaAdded article link to NE-50-01 (N. of Minden).