January ’03 What’s New?

1-30-03IllinoisAdded picture to IL-99-01.
1-29-03AlabamaAdded CB 01-05-12.
VirginiaAdded CB’s 46-68-01, 46-68-02, & 46-82-01.
1-28-03 Added RB list for VA.
IndianaChanged CB 14-18-A to 14-18-B,
changed CB 14-44-A to 14-44-C, &
changed CB 14-76-A to 14-76-A2.
1-25-03IllinoisAdded wood bridge & IL47 bridge to
Interesting Stuff.
Added picture to barn pictures.
1-22-03 Updated lists for IL, IN, KY, NJ,
NY, NC, OH, PA, & WV.
1-21-03KentuckyAdded octagon house KY-107-01.
New YorkAdded covered bridge 32-56-01.
1-20-03New JerseyAdded octagon house NJ-14-01.
IllinoisAdded octagon barn IL-99-05.
PennsylvaniaAdded picture to PA-02-01,
Added covered bridges 38-63-28 & 38-63-21,
Added covered bridge 38-60-04,
Added oval barn PA-38-02.
1-16-03New YorkAdded covered bridge 32-25-A.
PennsylvaniaAdded round barn (gone) PA-23-01,
Added round barn PA-02-01,
Added picture to round barn PA-01-02.
IndianaAdded picture to round barn IN-71-01,
Added picture to round barn IN-18-03,
Added round barn (gone) IN-12-03.
1-15-03IllinoisAdded picture to Interesting Stuff.
West VirginiaAdded round barn WV-19-01,
Added oval barn WV-19-01,
Added picture to octagon barn WV-18-01.
IndianaAdded picture to round barn IN-46-01,
Added picture to round barn IN-15-01,
Added round barn (moved) IN-12-01,
Added round barn (gone) IN-08-02,
Added picture to octagon barn IN-01-01.
North CarolinaAdded round barn NC-55-01.
1-13-03IndianaAdded round church IN-02-03.
1-9-03IllinoisAdded octagon church IL-16-08.
1-8-03New YorkAdded octagon house NY-28-02.
1-5-03IndianaAdded round barns IN-12-02, IN-50-01,
& IN-70-03 (all are gone).
1-3-03KentuckyUpdated octagon barn KY-34-02.
1-2-03OhioAdded octagon barn OH-19-03 (gone).
1-1-03IowaAdded 15-45-A to Howard County map.
WisconsinAdded Clark County map.