West Virginia Round Barns List
– May 20, 2016
Number County Town Size Built Verif GPS Description
WV-01-01 Barbour Phillipi ~100'   06-2012 N39 09.420 W80 03.061 At Alderson Broaddus College W. of Phillipi, North Township. US119 N. 0.65 miles from jct with US250 on the W. side of Phillipi, W. (left) on College Hill Rd. 0.35 miles, S. (left) on Colliseum Way 0.1 miles to the bldg on the E. side of the road. (Swimming Pool, true round bldg, concrete sides, dome roof.
WV-05-01 Brooke Bethany     Razed 81 GONE Beside WV67, E. of College, or reach from Washington County, PA on PA331. 1977 part of roof collapsed, 1981 removed, only silo remains.
WV-05-?1   Bethany         1 mile N. of Bethany on Rt. 80. Round barn. (N40 12.542 W80 34.129)
WV-05-?2   Bethany         At Bethany College in Bethany. True round bldg. (N40 12.337 W80 33.658)
WV-07-01 Calhoun Arnoldsburg     05-2001 N38 47.35 W81 10.78 W. of Arnoldsburg. US33 W. 3.5 miles from jct with WV16 just E. of Arnoldsburg to the barn on the S. side of the road. Alberts Chapel, octagon, white vertical siding, tall windowed cupola, a chapel at a cemetery, excellent condition.
WV-13-01 Greenbrier Lewisburg     1974 GONE N. of Lewisburg. US219 about 3 miles N. of Lewisburg, just before Greenbrier County Airport Rd., E. side of the road. Mailbox: The Arbuckles. True round barn, red horizontal siding, metal roof, small cupola, rectangular addition.
WV-14-01 Hampshire Romney 60'   Gone -GONE- approximate N39 14.70 W78 50.33 S. of Romney. US50 W. 0.9 miles from jct with WV28 in Romney, S. on CR8 (River Rd.) about 8 miles to the barn (Rt. 4 Box 25). Sam Williams, 16-sided (12' sides) barn, 24' internal wooden silo. Fell down 2003.
WV-14-02   Romney 50'       N. of Romney, Romney Township. WV28 N. about 3 miles from jct with US50 in Romney to the house on the E. side of the road. Octagon house. (N39 23.570 W78 44.073)
WV-14-?1   Capon Springs   c1870     In Capon Springs. Octagon house. (N39 08.274 W78 29.454)
WV-15-01 Hancock Chester 14' x 14' 1938 10-2012 N40 36.967 W80 33.433 In ChesterV. At the S corner of Carolina Av. & Old Route 30 (next to the US30 bridge. Worlds Largest Teapot, true round bldg.
WV-18-01 Jackson Ravenswood     10-2003 N38 56.87 W81 41.34 E. of Ravenswood, Northern Township. WV2 E. (curves SE) 2.0 miles from jct with WV68 just S. of Ravenswood, NE on CR3 (Wilding Rd. - just before I77) 1.8 miles, continue E. on CR3 (cross I77) 0.8 miles to the barn on the S. side of the road. Butcher, octagon barn (can be seen from I77), unpainted vertical siding, cupola, 2 section steel segmented conical roof, excellent condition. Rebuilt 2003.
WV-19-01 Jefferson Charles Town     1984 approximate N39 17.80 W77 50.50 In Charles Town. US340 E. about 1.1 miles from jct with WV9 in Charles Town to the barn on the N. side of the road at the Shenandoah Race Track. Oval, 32 sided, white vertical siding, small rectangular 2nd story, flat roofs, hexagon louvered cupola.
WV-19-02   Charles Town     06-2001 N39 15.78 W77 54.63 SW of Charles Town. US340 SW 2.4 miles from jct with WV51 in Charles Town, W. on CR13 3 1.7 miles to the barn on the N. side of the road. Concrete, octagon, windowed cupola, long rectangular wing ending in house, very good condition. (MM)
WV-25-01 Marion Mannington 60' x 75' 1912 06-2001 N39 30.987 W80 20.265 S. of Mannington. Meadow Av. S. 0.4 miles from jct with US250 in Mannington, SW on Laurel Dr. (becomes Flaggy Meadow Dr.) 0.5 miles to the barn on the N. side of the road. Hamilton, true round barn, white horizontal siding, tall louvered cupola, 2-pitch roof, excellent condition.
WV-31-01 Monongalia Arnettsville     Gone --GONE-- N39 36.25 W80 04.10 3 miles N. of Arnettsville, jct US19 & CR41, E. side of the road. 10-sided barn, cupola. [Oct 03 - Gone - Maxine Olsen]
WV-31-02   Morgantown     08-2011 N39 38.250 W79 48.754 In Coopers Rock State Forest E. of Morgantown, Eastern Township. CR73/12 (becomes CR73/16) S. 2.8 miles from jct with I68 exit 15 E. of Morgantown, right on park road 0.1 miles to the bldg. True round bldg, brick, 12-segment roof, no cupola.
WV-42-01 Randolph Elkins     1984 GONE Reported at Agricultural College. [On a county road N. of US219 near Elkins.] True round barn, horizontal siding, 2-pitch conical roof, louvered cupola.