Oregon Round Barns List
– Jul 6, 2017
Number County Town Size Built Verif GPS Location
OR-01-01 Baker Baker City 100'   09-2007 N44 47.45 W117 48.82 In Baker City. OR7 (Campbell St.) W. 0.6 miles from jct with I84 exit 304 on the W. side of Baker City, N. on OR86 (Cedar St.) 0.5 miles, E. on H St. 0.25 miles, N. on Birch St. 0.15 miles to the church on the E. side of the road at 3520.
OR-03-?1 Clackamas Estacada         In Estacada. 14-sided bldg. (N45 17.353 W122 20.415)
OR-03-?2   Estacada         In Estacada. 10-sided bldg. (N45 17.348 W122 20.409)
OR-05-01 Columbia Clatskanie   2008 05-2010 N46 07.42 W123 19.03 W. of Clatskanie. US30 W. 6.2 miles from jct with OR47 in Clatskanie, N. on Watach Dr. (becomes Woodson Rd.) 0.1 miles, E. (right - curves N.) on Woodson Rd. 0.65 miles to the barn on the W. side of the road at 77691. Octagon barn, brown vertical siding, windowed cupola.
OR-06-01 Coos Bandon         In Bandon. At 11th St. SW & Portland Av. SW. Octagon house. (N43 06.786 W124 25.983)
OR-06-02   Coos Bay         In Coos Bay. At Cape Arago Hwy & Hedge Ln. Geodesic house. (N43 22.071 W124 17.688)
OR-09-01 Deschutes Bend     03-2010 N44 03.632 W121 17.469 In Bend. US20 (Greenwood Av.) E. 0.55 miles from jct with US97 (3rd St.) to the church on the N. side of the road. Faith Christian Center, octagon church.
OR-09-02   Sisters     03-2010 N44 17.486 W121 33.060 At Barclay Square in Sisters. US20 (Cascade Av.) W. 1 block from jct with Elm St. to the bldg on the N. side of the road at 220. Round bldg.
OR-10-01 Douglas Roseburg 78' x 60' 1892 06-2002 N43 10.706 W123 30.409 WSW of Roseburg. W. Harvard Rd. W. 1.5 miles from jct with I5 exit 124 in Roseburg, SW on Lookingglass Rd. 6.2 miles, W. on Coos Bay Wagon Rd. 1.0 miles to the barn at 1191 Coos Bay Wagon Rd. Wimer/Marshes, octagon barn, unpainted vertical siding, louvered cupola, segmented rusted tin cone roof, fair condition.
OR-10-02   Sutherlin   c1900 01-2004 N43 20.82 W123 28.19 W. of Sutherlin. Central Av. W. 0.3 miles from jct with I5 in Sutherlin, continue W. on Fort McKay Rd. 6.9 miles, S. on Iverson Rd. 1.1 miles, continue S. on private driveway 0.15 miles to the barn. Samuel D. Evans Jr., octagon barn, unpainted horizontal siding, steep pitch sectional conical roof, aerator, several pieces of roof sheeting missing, good condition.
OR-10-?1   Roseburg         In Roseburg. N. corner of SE Douglas Av. & SE Main St. Octagon bldg. (N43 12.647 W123 20.539)
OR-13-01 Harney Burns 100' 1883 08-1989 N43 07.958 W118 38.553 On the Barton Lake Ranch in Happy Valley in the Malheur wildlife area SE of Burns. OR78 E. 1.7 miles from jct with US20 in Burns, S. on OR205 41 miles, E. on Diamond Grain Camp Ln. 6.9 miles, N. on Lava Bed Rd. (changes to Diamond Craters Rd.) 9.7 miles (just past intersection with Happy Valley Rd., E. on unnamed road 0.9 miles to the barn. 60' central lava rock coral surrounded by a 20' outer circle. Pete French, true round barn, 1 story, unpainted vertical siding, conical roof, dormer over entrance, good condition.
OR-14-01 Hood River Government Camp     06-2003 N45 19.86 W121 42.62 NE of Government Camp. About ½ mile up Mt. Hood from the Timberline Lodge. GPS is for the lodge. Octagon bldg, cement, no cupola. [www.timberlinelodge.com]
OR-14-02   Odell     07-2005 N45 33.68 W121 33.81 S. of Odell. Straight Hill Rd. S. 0.4 miles from jct with Davis Dr. in Odell, continue S. on Massee Grade Rd. 0.8 miles, continue S. on OR35 3.9 miles to the church on the W. side of the road at 5780. Valley Worship Center church, geodesic.
OR-15-?1 Jackson Gold Hill       UNK Octagon house. On Sardine Creek, Left Ford Road. Cobblestone construction.
OR-16-01 Jefferson           Between Madras & Ashwood at Hay Creek Ranch, round. (N44 37.043 W120 56.275)
OR-17-01 Josephine Grants Pass   1929     1800 NE Beacon Dr. True round house. (N42 27.439 W123 18.492)
OR-18-01 Klamath Klamath Falls 80' 1985 05-2007 N42 10.08 W121 47.81 S. of Klamath Falls. US97 S. 3.8 miles from jct with Bus.US97 (Main St.) in Klamath Falls to the house on the E. side of the road (just N. of the intersection with Joe Wright Rd.). The inside has a 40 foot diameter room in the middle and a 20 foot ring on the outside. The outer walls are 10' high & the center of the roof is 19'. The original structure was a horse arena & was assembled from a kit. Built by & converted to a house by William Anderson.
OR-19-01 Lake Lakeview 65' x 40' 1942 12-2003 N42 11.720 W120 21.665 In the Lake County Fairgrounds in Lakeview. OR140 W. 0.75 miles from jct with US395, N. into the fairgrounds 0.15 miles to the barn on the E. side of the road. Octagon auction/sale barn, & still used for that purpose every labor day weekend, 1 story, blue vertical siding, top half roof much steeper than bottom half, very good condition. Seating capacity for over 300 people.
OR-20-01 Lane Triangle Lake     08-2003 approximate N44 10.70 W123 34.49 NE of Triangle Lake. OR36 N. (curves E.) about 1 mile to the barn on the N. side of the road. Round barn, red, 1 story, steep conical roof, cupola w/ventilator, fair condition.
OR-21-?1 Lincoln South Beach         S. of South Beach. SW Surfland St. 13-sided house, 2-story, vacation rental. (N44 35.308 W124 03.991)
OR-21-?2   South Beach         Same as OR-21-?1. Round garage. (N44 35.302 W124 03.991)
OR-22-01 Linn Shedd   1910 ? --GONE-- N44 29.442 W123 10.271 NW of Shedd. Fayetteville Dr. W. 1.4 miles from jct with OR99E in Shedd, N. on Green Valley Rd. 3.5 miles to the barn on the W. side of the road. James Pugh, octagon barn, vertical siding, no cupola.
OR-22-?1   Lebanon         Octagon house. (N44 31.739 W122 54.601)
OR-24-01 Marion Brooks 30'   04-2008 N45 02.96 W122 58.86 W. of Brooks. Brooklake Rd. NE W. 0.4 miles from jct with I4 exit 263 just W. of Brooks to the bldg on the S. side of the road. Shrock Trucking, 12 sided bldg, no cupola.
OR-26-01 Multnomah Portland     08-2007 N45 27.05 W122 40.29 At Lewis & Clark College in Portland. SW Terwilliger Blvd S. (curves E.) 1.6 miles from jct with I5 exit 297 in Portland, continue E. (left) on SW palater Rd. 0.1 miles, S. (right) on SW Palatine Hill Rd. 0.2 miles to the church on the E. side of the road at 615. Agnes Flanagan Chapel, 18-sided church.
OR-26-02   Corbett 62' 1918   N45 32.375 W122 14.662 At Crown Point in Crown Point State Park E. of Corbett. Historic Columbia River Hwy E. 2.7 miles from jct with NE Corbett Hill Rd. in Corbett to the bldg. Vista House, octagon bldg. Restored 2006.
OR-31-01 Union Union   1900 09-2007 N45 12.28 W117 52.46 In Union. OR237 (Main St.) S. 0.3 miles from jct with OR203 (Medical Springs Hwy) in Union, W. on Grande St. 0.4 miles to the barn on the S. side of the road. Milton Levy/Pony, octagon barn, unpainted vertical siding, 2 story, segmented conical rood, cupola, good condition.
OR-31-02   LaGrande     09-2007 N45 19.76 W118 04.56 In LaGrande. OR82 (Island Av.) SW 0.2 miles from jct with I84 exit 261 in LaGrande, S. on Albany St. 200', E. on ER Av. 50' to the bldg on the S. side of the road at 2304. Dome Electrical & Plumbing Supplies, godesic bldg.
OR-32-01 Wallowa Joseph     07-2002 N45 19.812 W117 07.501 E. of Joseph. OR350 (Imnaha Hwy) E. 5.4 miles from jct with OR82 (Main St.) in Joseph, S. on Tucker Down Rd. 0.5 miles to the barn on the W. side of the road. Crossed Sabers Ranch, octagon barn, red horizontal siding, windowed & louvered cupola, sectional conical roof, very large hay dormer, from roof line to cupola, over entrance, very good condition.
OR-32-02   Troy       N45 55.401 W117 22.926 W. of Flora. Sunny Glade Rd. N. 0.4 miles from jct with Flora Ln. in Flora, W. on Redmond Grade Ln. 4.6 miles to the barn on the S. side of the road up a driveway 0.25 miles. Round barn (maybe 20 sides), red horizontal siding, dormer over entrance, cupola.
OR-33-01 Wasco The Dalles 66' 1932 11-2003 N45 35.24 W121 10.49 In The Dalles. Brewery Overpass Rd. S. 0.1 miles from jct with I80 exit 85 in The Dalles, W. on US30 0.1 miles, SE on Brewery Grd Rd. 0.3 miles, S. (curves W.) on Dry Hollow Rd. 0.8 miles to the barn on the S. side of the road at 2000 Dry Hollow Rd. 16 sided barn, unpainted horizontal siding, segmented conical roof, octagon windowed cupola, good condition.
OR-34-01 Washington Hillsboro   c1910 09-2005 N45 32.94 W122 54.10 NE of Hillsboro. NW Cornelius Pass Rd. S. 0.4 miles from jct with US26 NE of Hillsboro, W. on NW Imbrie Dr. 0.1 miles to the barn on the S. side of the road at 4045. Frank Imbrie/Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, octagon barn, unpainted vertical siding, sectional conical roof, small louvered cupola, large hay dormer over entrance. Built as a hay and dairy barn. Now used for public events. [www.mcmenamins.com]
OR-34-02   Rockcreek     09-2007 N45 34.53 W122 54.85 NW of Rockcreek. NW Helvetia Rd. N. 0.9 miles from jct with OR26 (Sunset Hwy) on the W. side of Rockcreek, E. on NW West Union Rd. 0.35 miles to the bldg on the S. side of the road at 23050. Recreation bldg, octagon.
OR-34-03   Aloha         W. of Aloha. OR8 (SW Tualatin Hwy) W. 1.4 miles from jct with SW 185th Av. in Aloha to the dog on the N. side of the road. Octagon bldg. (N45 29.83 W122 53.70)