New Hampshire Round Barns List
– Apr 10, 2017
Number County Town Size Built Verif GPS Description
NH-02-01 Carroll Glen     09-2005 N44 07.08 W71 10.99 In Heritage New Hampshire N. of Glen, Bartlett Township. NH16 N. 0.5 miles from jct with US302 in Glen to the park on the E. side of the road. Round bldg, mostly glass.
NH-02-?1   Wolfeboro   1870     In Wolfeboro. Octagon house, 2 story. (N43 34.904 W71 12.200)
NH-04-01 Coos Columbia     Gone GONE E. of Columbia. True round, white, 2-pitch conical roof, octagon cupola, 4 small dormers. Fell down in the 70s or early 80s due to neglect. Built by James Kelsea.
NH-05-01 Grafton Piermont   1906 07-2002 N44 00.613 W72 04.223 N. of Piermont, Piermont Township. NH10 N. 2.9 miles from jct with NH25C in Piermont to the barn on the W. side of the road. Permission to tour the round barn at the Round Barn Gift Shop just across the road. Schmid, 16 sided barn, octagon windowed clerestory, octagon cupola, very good condition.
NH-06-01 Hillsboro Manchester         In Manchester. At 130 Mast Rd. Henry Lenz, octagon house, 2 story, red brick, front porch around 3 sides, windowed cupola. (N42 58.925 W71 29.208)
NH-06-02   Manchester         Octagon house, 2 story, white, no cupola. (N42 58.920 W71 29.242)
NH-06-03   Manchester   early 1870s     In Manchester. At 481 Hanover St. Octagon house, 2 story, red brick, porch on front side, 2 pitch roof w/small dormer on every other side, windowed cupola. (N42 59.444 W71 26.715)
NH-06-04   Manchester         In Manchester. Octagon bldg, 2 story, white, windowed cupola. Behind & attached to NH-06-03. (N42 59.434 W71 26.715)
NH-06-05   Manchester   c1855     In Manchester. At 585 Beech St. Richardson-Ela, octagon house, 2 story, red brick, flat roof, no cupola. (N42 59.675 W71 27.320)
NH-07-01 Merrimack Concord     10-2001 N43 11.77 W71 31.83 In Concord. US3 NE 0.3 miles from jct with I93 exit 13 on the S. side of Concord, S. on NH3A (Main St.) 300' to the bldg on the E. side of the road. Picture taken from bus window. Round, brick, conical roof, windowed cupola, excellent condition. Was used to service & turn locomotives.
NH-07-?1   Pittsfield     ???   Almost in the center of town, but W. of the river. From 28 bypass, go E. into town on road that has PO, but stop just before this and go L into ? court to big house with large lawn, from NE corner of which there is best view of St. Laurent octagon barn, which is actually on the next parallel street. No cupola. (town=N43 18.355 W71 19.453)
NH-07-?2   Pittsfield         In Pittsfield. 16 sided house. (N43 18.155 W71 18.917)
NH-09-01 Strafford Dover   Pre 1877     In Dover. Octagon house. (N43 12.031 W70 52.783)
NH-10-01 Sullivan Charlestown   1850     SE of Charlestown, Charlestown Township. Paris Av. E. 0.4 miles from jct with NH12 (Main St.) in Charlestown, S. Breakneck Hill Rd. (curves E. & becomes Hackett Swamp Rd., then Acworth Rd.) 2.3 miles, S. on Hemlock Rd. 2.1 miles to the house on the W. side of the road. Octagon house, 2 story, porch encircles 2nd floor, small dormer on every other side. (N43 12.773 W72 21.995)