North Dakota Round Barns List
– Oct 28, 2017
Number County Town Size Built Verif GPS Description
ND-09-01 Cass Fargo     06-2008 N46 51.654 W96 50.655 On the N. side of the West Acres Mall in Fargo. I29 N. 0.7 miles from jct with I94 exit 349 in Fargo, W. on 13th Av. S 0.25 miles, S. on 38th St. SW 250', E. on 38th St. SW 250' to the bldg on the N. side of the road. US Bank, octagon bldg.
ND-09-02   Fargo ~125'   04-2014 N46 54.886 W96 47.275 In Fargo. On the S. side of 30th Av. N, ½ block W. of Broadway N. Hope Lutheran, 21 sided church.
ND-09-?1   Fargo         In Fargo. On the N. side of Centennial Blvd 1/3 block E. of Albrecht Blvd. True round bldg. (N46 53.670 W96 48.078)
ND-11-01 Dickey Oakes   1905     Octagon Barn (Patterson) near Oakes and Guelph. (Located five miles east (?west? - DJT) and then 3 ½ miles south of Oakes.)
ND-11-?1   Ellendale   1910     In Ellendale. Octagon house. (N45 59.982 W98 31.368)
ND-12-01 Divide Noonan   1914     SE of Noonan. Located two miles east of Divide County #21. DV23) Niels Nielsen, 14 sides.
ND-14-01 Eddy New Rockford   1901 06-2001 N47 36.819 W99 05.683 SSE of New Rockford, Superior Township. US281 S. 3.9 miles from jct with ND15 (River Dr.) on the NE corner of New Rockford, E. on 15th St. NE 1.0 miles, S. on 68th Av. NE 1.2 miles to the barn on the E. side of the road. Sylvanus Marriage, octagon barn.
ND-14-02   New Rockford         Round barn (Jens Myhrd) near New Rockford - ND30.
ND-17-01 Golden Valley Beach 47' 2010 07-2013 N46 51.025 W103 59.416 S. of Beach. ND16 S. 4.8 miles from jct with 4th St. NE E. of Beach to the barn on the W. side of the road at 3875. Octagon barn, very small louvered cupola.
ND-18-01 Grand Forks Kempton   1909-10     Round barn (Carlott Funseth) near Kempton. (Vicinity of Northwood. Located 1 ½ miles west of Northwood on Grand Forks County #15, then two miles north on Grand Forks County #18.) (N47 46.761 W97 35.969)
ND-18-02   Northwood   1900-08     Octagon Granary (Gronlie) near Northwood. (Located six miles east of Northwood on Grand Forks County #15, then three miles north on a gravel road.)
ND-23-01 LaMoure Edgeley   1882-88     Octagon barn (Rodman) near Edgeley. (Located three miles north of Edgeley on U.S. Highway 281, then four miles west on gravel roads.)
ND-24-01 Logan Burnstad   1942     Octagon barn (Robert Abell) near Burnstad. (Logan County; vicinity of Burnstad. Located 10 miles straight east of Burnstad on gravel roads, then one mile south.)
ND-27-01 KcKenzie Arnegard   1910     Octagon Granary () near Arnegard. (Located eight miles south of Arnegard on gravel roads.)
ND-30-01 Morton Hebron         Round barn (Rehm/Wanner) 2.5 miles N. of Hebron. (Don & Deb Wanner would appreciate receiving a phone call (701-878-4568 - 3355 Cty 140) before going out to take a picture.)
ND-34-01 Pembina Drayton   1930s     Octagon Barn (Pettis) near Drayton. (Located six miles north of Drayton, then four miles west.)
ND-39-01 Richland Mooreton   1915 06-2008 N46 13.649 W96 48.801 SE of Mooreton, Mooreton TownshipD. ND13 W. 0.5 miles from jct with I29 exit 23 E. of Mooreton, S. on 170th Av. SE 2.5 miles, E. on 82nd St. SE 1.6 miles to the barn on the N. side of the road at 17165. Fairview Farm, true round barn, wood shingle siding & roof, aerator.
ND-40-01 Rolette Dunseith   1943     True round barn (Urbain Cote) near Dunseith. (One-half mile south and east of Dunseith, near the junction of ND highways 3 and 5.) (N48 48.263 W100 03.509)
ND-41-01 Sargent Straubville   1930s     Hexagon barn (Wasdahl) near Straubville. (Located 5 ½ miles north of Straubville, then one mile west.)
ND-45-01 Stark Gladstone   1930s     Octagon barn (Gerhardt) near Gladstone. Pig House. (Located ¼ mile south of Interstate 94.) (N46 51.465 W102 34.111)
ND-47-01 Stutsman Pingree   1921 06-2001   N. of Pingree. US52 NW 6.8 miles from jct with 17th St. SE in Pingree, E. on 11th St. SE 2.3 miles to the barn on the N. side of the road. The roof has caved in. Cecil Baker, round barn. (not seen on satellite image 5-15-16)
ND-51-01 Ward Minot   1923     Round barn (Levi Glick, clay tile) E. of Minot (W. of Surrey). [Pin probably correct.] (Located one mile west of Surrey on U.S. Highway 2, then ¼ mile south of U.S. Highway 2 on gravel roads.) (N48 13.476 W101 10.321)
ND-52-01 Wells Hurdsfield         SE of Hurdsfield, Silver Lake Township. 2.5 miles E. & 4 miles S. of Hurdsfield. True round house. (N47 23.090 W99 52.477)
ND-53-01 Williams Williston ~110' 2003 09-2017 N47 59.107 W103 59.331 SW of Williston, Buford Township. US2 W. 5.4 miles from jct with US85 on the SW side of Williston, S. (curves W.) on SD1804 15.3 miles, S. on 153rd Av. NW 0.95 miles to the bldg ahead. Interpretive Center, true round bldg.