Maryland Round Barns List
– Jun 5, 2016
Number County Town Size Built Verif GPS Description
MD-01-01 Allegany La Vale 14' 1836 05-2002 approximate N39 38.19 W78 50.62 SW of La Vale. US40 S. (curves W.) 2.6 miles from jct with Cash Valley Rd. in La Vale to the building. Lavale Toll House, 7 sided, 2 story, brick painted white, conical roof, small closed cupola, excellent condition. Restored 1998. []
MD-02-?1 Anne Arundel Highland Beach 35' 1875     SE of Highland Beach, District 2 Township. Thomas Point Lighthouse, hexagon. (N38 53.938 W76 26.152)
MD-03-?1 Baltimore Baltimore 250'       At B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. At the SW corner of W Pratt & S Poppleton Sts. Railroad roundhouse, 22 sides. The B&O Railroad has converted a large roundhouse into an interesting railroad museum. (N39 17.125 W76 37.957)
MD-03-?2   Baltimore     ? UNK Round church no location available. Greek Orthodox.
MD-03-?3   Baltimore     ? UNK Octagon house on MD1. No other location available. Scott residence.
MD-03-?4   Worthington     ? UNK Octagon house in town, no location available.
MD-03-?5   Lutherville   1856     In Luthereville. at 1708 Kurtz Av. Octagon house, 3-stories. Built by Rev. William Heilig. (N39 25.602 W76 37.515)
MD-03-?6   Mt. Washington   1855     In Baltimore. NE of Smith Av., W. of I83, 0.6 miles N. of I83 exit 10. St. Agnes College Library, octagon bldg. Mt. Washington, octagon house, windowed cupola. (N39 22.159 W76 39.293)
MD-03-?7   Baltimore   1885     In Baltimore. 1808 Sulgrave Av. Steve Walker, octagon house, 2 story, brown, dormer on every other roof section, central chimney. (N39 21.970 W76 39.320)
MD-03-?8   Reisterstown   1849/50     NE of Reisterstown, District 4 Township. 3915 Piney Grove Rd. Woodburn, octagon house. (N39 30.320 W76 47.152)
MD-03-?9   Baltimore   1856     At Baltimore Maritime Museum in Baltimore. Seven Foot Knoll, true round lighthouse building, 1 story, cupola contains the light. Moved from original location to Baltimore Harbor in 1988. Screwpile construction. (N39 17.017 W76 36.321)
MD-03-?10   Baltimore         At Baltimore Maritime Museum in Baltimore. World Trade Center, pentagon bldg. (N39 17.161 W76 36.580)
MD-03-?11   Baltimore         Pair of octagon bldgs. S. side of Dolphin St. & NE of Jordan St. (N39 18.215 W76 37.419)
MD-07-01 Cecil North East     07-2006 N39 27.65 W76 00.28 S. of North East, District 5 North East Township. MD 272 (Main St. - becomes Turkey Point Rd.) S. 11.5 miles from jct with MD7 (Cecil Av.) in North East to the house on the W. side of the road. 16-sided house, light blue horizontal siding, no cupola.
MD-10-01 Frederick Frederick     10-2005 N39 27.31 W77 20.57 NE of Frederick, Mount Pleasant Township. MD26 E. 3.1 miles from jct with MD355 in Frederick to the barn on the N. side of the road up a driveway 0.2 miles. Glade Valley Farm, octagon barn, concrete walls, tall louvered cupola with weather vane, sectional conical roof, excellent condition.
MD-10-02   Point of Rocks     ? UNK Octagonal post office building.
MD-11-01 Garrett Friendsville     05-2000 approximate N39 40.63 W79 22.56 At the eastbound I68 rest area NE of Friendsville. I68 NE about 2.5 miles from jct with MD42 (I68 exit 4) in Friendsville to the rest area. Information bldg, 16 sided, tan vertical siding, 2 story.
MD-11-02   Friendsville     05-2000 approximate N39 40.64 W79 22.50 Next to MD-11-01. Canteen bldg, octagon, cut limestone.
MD-11-03   Friendsville     05-2000 approximate N39 40.65 W79 22.44 Next to MD-11-02. Rest room bldg, octagon, cut limestone, louvered cupola.
MD-12-01 Harford Darlington   1854 02-2009 N39 39.088 W76 13.156 NW of Darlington, District 5, Dublin township. US1 (Conowingo Rd.) W. 0.7 miles from jct with MD161 (Main St.) just N. of Darlington to the house on the S. side of the road at 4429. Wildfell octagon house, 2 story, white horizontal siding, front porch around 3 sides, widows walk, rectangular attachment on west side.
MD-12-?1   Darlington   1830s     S. of Darlingon, District 2 Township. 3736 Green Spring Rd. Hexagon school, stone. (N39 35.848 W76 11.502)
MD-15-01 Montgomery Olney 28' 1997 10-2005 N39 08.97 W77 01.29 In Olney. MD108 SE 1.4 miles from jct with MD97 in Olney, E. on MD108 1.3 miles to the bldg on the N. side of the road. Sandy Spring Museum, octagon bldg, brick, windowed cupola []
MD-16-01 Prince George's Cedar Heights     ? UNK Round house no location available. (Can't find Cedar Heights in Prince George's County - DJT)
MD-16-02   Bowie   1972 10-2005 N39 00.52 W76 45.85 E. of Bowie. On the W. side of the jct of MD197 & MD564 on the E. side of Bowie at 8655 Normal School Rd. Geodesic house build from a kit from California.
MD-20-01 Talbot Easton   ca 1881 06-1998 very approximate N38 44.0 W76 04.1 S. of Easton. MD50 S. from Easton to the church on the E. side of the road. Hexagon church, white horizontal siding, conical roof, no cupola, excellent condition.
MD-20-02   St. Michaels   1880     At the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels. Mill St. E. 0.25 miles (to the end) from jct with MD33 in St. Michaels. Hooper Strait Lighthouse, hexagon bldg. (N38 47.252 W76 13.153)
MD-20-03   St. Michaels     08-2008 N38 49.096 W76 16.623 NW of St. Michaels, District 5, Bay Hundred Township. MD33 N. (curves W.) 4.1 miles from jct with Mill St. in St. Michaels to the house on the N. side of the road. Geodesic house, hexagon windowed cupola.
MD-20-04   Tighman     08-2008 N38 41.169 W76 20.585 S. of Tighman, District 5, Bay Hundred Township. MD33 S. 2.2 miles from jct with Coopertown Rd. in Tilghman to the house on the E. side of the road. Octagon house, 3 story, no cupola.
MD-21-01 Washington Hancock 1991   06-2010 N39 42.944 W78 16.872 W. of Hancock. At the eastbound rest stop on I68 6.0 miles W. of the intersection with I70 at Hancock at MM74. Sideling Hill, octagon bldg.
MD-21-?1   Hagerstown         In Hagerstown. Octagon bldg. (N39 39.966 W77 43.165)
MD-23-?1 Worcester Ocean City         In Ocean City. Lighthouse Club, octagon hotel. (N38 22.863 W75 04.267)