Introduction to the Round Barn Lists

I obtained my original round barns list from the Fulton County, IN Historical Society. The original list was made in the 1950’s & 1960’s by Katherine Kirkham of the Covered Bridge Society. I received a paper copy of the list and I have typed the list into Microsoft Word 2000. I am updating the list as best as I can and have made the list available here for all to use. Feel free to print the individual lists, and take them with you on your barn hunting journeys. NOTE: If there is nothing or a question mark in the Verif column, then the status of that entry is unknown.

The list is broken down by state to make it more manageable and I have put these pieces up as html files. Still, the size of the list for some of the states is quite large. You will have to set your browser to print landscape to get the complete horizontal width of the lists printed.

The original list is 40 some years old, thus, no one knows how many of the barns are still standing. I have added a column Verif to the list for the purpose of recording the month & year of last sighting. At this point, if that entry is blank, it means that I don’t know if the barn is standing or not. Once I have visited and photographed the barn, I’ll fill in the Verif date.

A couple of excellent round barn reference books would be: 1) “A Round Indiana - Round Barns in the Hoosier State” by John Hanou and 2) “Without Right Angles - The Round Barns of Iowa” by Lowell J. Soike.

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