(St. Charles City, 35', c1880) in St. Charles, St. Charles County, MO. Bus.I70 (MO94, First Capitol Dr.) NE 0.9 miles from jct with I70 exit 228 in St. Charles to the water tower on the N. side of the road. (11-22-05, N38 47.171 W90 30.049) Photo by Jack Schmidt.
City Water Tower.

In the early 1880s water mains were being laid and buildings erected for a municipal waterworks. Seeking the highest point in St. Charles for a water tower, a site was selected “at the west end of Clay Street near Lindenwood College”.

The original tower was a wooden tank constructed on a brick base resting on a stone foundation. The old tower was replaced around the turn of the century (20th) with the brick structure pictured above.

The new tank was constructed of steel and enclosed in a red brick tower. The exterior of the tower was adorned with decorative columns connected by arches. A small circular window was placed in the center of each arch. The roof of the water tower was designed to channel rainwater into the tank and a decorative catwalk was built around the top of the tower.

The water tower was taken out of service in 1955 and Lindenwood University purchased it from the city in 1971 for $1.00. In the 1980s it was designated a landmark by the St. Charles Landmarks Preservation Board.

Lindenwood began restoration of the tower in 1997. The roof was re-pitched to stop the flow of water into the tank, steel beams supporting the catwalk were reinforced and painted and tuckpointing was done on the brick exterior. Restoration was completed in 1998 at a cost of $66,000.

The water tower is located on the campus of Lindenwood College off of First Capitol Dr. in St Charles,MO.