(Big Bud 740) SE of Orlando, FL. The Big Bud company of Montana was started in 1969. Big Buds were used in the open grain belt of the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Montana. The 740 is a series 4 Big Bud built somewhere between 1985 and 1991, the 740 stands for 740 Horse Power which comes from a Komatsu engine. Production 4 wheel drive tractors today top out at around 500 HP. The hydraulic system on this particular machine had failed and was being repaired. That is why the cab is tilted back. The tires are about 5 feet in diameter. This is the second largest Big Bud and is on a Vegetable farm in Florida, about 90 miles southeast of Orlando. The Big Bud Company went out of business in 1991. (Big tractors.) Photo by John Volmer.