(Canola flake dryer #2) stainless steel tube, 70’ long, 12’ diameter, 115 tons, $1.5 million, to be transported 1,000 miles through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota to somewhere in Canada. The transporter is 267’ long with a truck pulling & a truck pushing, 80 wheels on the transporter + 14 wheels on each truck equals 96 wheels total, front of transporter has 32 wheels, & rear of transporter has 48 wheels. Each truck is 600hp. The wheel sets under the frame are hydraulically steered from a box atop the transporter [note the hydraulic cylinders within the wheel assemblies]. The combined weight of the dryer & transporter is 272.5 tons. The dryers are used to dry canola flakes, from canola seeds -- where cooking oil comes from. The flakes come in wet and this dryer will dry the flakes down to almost zero moisture. The top 2 pictures taken 2-2-12 with the unit sitting at Mason Manufacturing in Decatur, IL. It left Mason Manufacturing Tuesday morning, Feb 7, 2012 [the bottom 7 pictures].
Turning from Division St. to go N. on Water St.
Waiting on Water St. after the turn for traffic to clear.