(Canola flake dryer #1) stainless steel tube, 70’ long, 12’ diameter, 115 tons, $1.7 million, to be transported 1,500 miles to somewhere in Canada. Perkins Specialized Transportation, Farmington, MN transporter: 200’ long with a truck pulling & a truck pushing, 108 wheels including both trucks; each truck has 14 wheels, front of transporter has 32 wheels, & rear of transporter has 48 wheels. Front truck 600hp, rear truck 400hp. Can travel up to 50mph. Each truck gets about 2mpg on a good day. Fuel will be hauled to the trucks enroute. Should take 12 to 14 working days of travel, police escort all the way. The wheel sets under the frame are steered from a remote box by the respective truck drivers [note the hydraulic cylinders within the wheel assemblies}. On some bridges all traffic will be stopped so only this truck will be on the bridge. It is sitting at Mason Manufacturing in Decatur, IL. Left Mason Manufacturing Wednesday morning, Aug 23, 2006. Top 8 pix 8-21-06, bottom 11 pix 8-23-06.
Getting ready to turn from Division St. to go N. on Water St.
Turning from Division St. to go N. on Water St.
The fellow “riding” on the rear of the transporter should be driving the rear truck! He is steering the rear wheels of the tranaporter & the pusher truck with a remote control box.
Waiting on Water St. after the turn for traffic to clear.
The “pusher” truck connection.
On their way on US51 4 miles N. of Forsyth. We followed them that 4 miles & they did make it to 50mph & it didn’t take very long to go from 0 to 50 either!