Cheyenne Boots

(Journey of the Soul)
at Hitching Post Inn 1600 W Lincolnway.
(N41 07.551 W104 49.947)
(Memories of the Old West)
Halladay Motors, 1615 Westland Rd. - inside.
(N41 07.450 W104 50.307)
(Gamblers Boot)
Old West Museum, 4601 Carey Av.
(N41 09.468 W104 50.042)
(Springtime in Cheyenne)
Murray Office Park, 6101 Yellowstone Rd.
(N41 10.523 W104 49.742)
(Eagle Eye on the Future)
N. side College Dr. 0.5 miles E. of Avenue C.
(N41 06.159 W104 46.779)
(40 Years of Excellence)
N. side College Campus, S. of parking lot.
(N41 06.263 W104 46.765)
(Where the Deer & the Antelope Play)
at the S. corner of Lincolnway & Central Av.
(N41 07.971 W104 48.857)
(Blue Skies Over Cheyenne)
in airport lobby, 200 E 8th Av.
(N41 09.192 W104 49.151)
(Downtown Cheyenne)
at the E. corner of Lincolnway & Capitol Av.
(N41 07.963 W104 48.898)
(Don’t Feed the Animals)
at the E. corner of Lincolnway & Capitol Av.
(N41 07.955 W104 48.902)
(Governors of Wyoming)
SE side 15th St. at Capitol Av.
(N41 07.909 W104 48.880)
(Chamber 100th Anniversary)
at the S. corner of 15th St. & Capitol Av.
(N41 07.907 W104 48.885)
(Outlaws of Wyoming)
at Holiday Park 16th St. E. of Morrie Av.
(N41 08.284 W104 48.230)
(License to Boot)
E. side Central Av. ½ block N. of 22nd St.
(N41 08.366 W104 49.076)
(The Library Boot)
Library N. side 22nd St. ½ block E. of Thomes Av.
(N41 08.224 W104 49.305)
(8 Second Steps to the Big Time)
W. corner of 20th St. & Capitol Av.
(N41 08.180 W104 49.071)
This photo by Howard Hatschek 8-12-12.
(Cheyenne Boots) in Cheyenne, Laramie County, WY. Photos by Jack & June Schmidt 6-12-13.