Nappanee Apples

(Pretty as a Peacock)
at Amish Acres
(N41 26.636 W86 01.198)
(Future Investments)
N. side Market St. 75’ W. of Clark St.
(N41 26.565 W86 00.174)
(It’s A-Peeling Art)
NE corner Market & Clark Sts.
(N41 26.567 W86 00.145)
(Work Until Dusk)
S. side Market St. block W. of Main St.
(N41 26.553 W86 00.124)
(The Dentist)
NW corner Market & Main Sts.
(N41 26.565 W86 00.095)
(The Candy Apple)
SW corner Market & Main St.
(N41 26.554 W86 00.096)
(The Apple)
W. side Main St. block S. of Market St.
(N41 26.527 W86 00.086)
(Plenty For Everyone)
SE corner Market & Main Sts.
(N41 26.546 W86 00.071)
(American Muscle)
S. side Market St. 150’ W. of Elm St.
(N41 26.553 W86 00.031)
(Jucy Fruit)
N. side Market St. 100’ E. of Main St.
(N41 26.565 W86 00.051)
(Plant a Seed)
E. side Main St. block N. of Market St.
(N41 26.593 W86 00.070)
(Opening Day)
W. side Main St. block N. of Market St.
(N41 26.586 W86 00.085)
(Needle and Thread)
SW corner of Walnut & Main Sts.
(N41 26.611 W86 00.089)
(Motor On)
N. side Walnut St. 100’ E. of Clark St.
(N41 26.622 W86 00.136)
(Boys and Girls Club)
SE corner Marion & Main Sts.
(N41 26.783 W86 00.072)
(Foreign Exchange)
W. side Main St. 0.5 miles N. of Market St.
(N41 27.011 W86 00.110)
(Fields of Blessings)
E. side Main St. 0.7 miles N. of Market St.
(N41 27.185 W86 00.074)
(For Sale)
S. side Market St. 0.7 miles E. of Main St.
(N41 26.553 W85 59.245)
(Dollars & Scents)
W. side Family Fare Dr. 100’ N. of Market St.
(N41 26.584 W85 59.130)
(i’m lovin’ it)
S. side Market St. 0.85 miles E. of Main St.
(N41 26.568 W85 59.079)
(Nappanee Apples) in Nappanee, Elkhart County, IN. Photos by Jack & June Schmidt 5-11-14.