Kings County, Prince Edward Barn Quilts List
– Dec 31, 2015
Number County Name Owner Verif GPS Description
PE-01-01 Kings Untitled Point Prim Quilt 06-2014 N46 03.04 W63 02.366 In Point Prim. 150' (45m) NW of the light house.
PE-01-02   Untitled Wood Islands Lighthouse 06-2014 N45 58.999 W62 44.769 In Wood Islands. On the lighthouse building.
PE-01-03   Sailing Ship Garden of the Gulf Museum 06-2014 N46 09.823 W62 38.817 In Montague. PE4/17 W. 100 yds (90m) from jct with PE4 to the quilt on the N. side of the road at 564.
PE-01-04   Untitled Roma at Three Rivers 06-2014 N46 10.899 W62 33.645 In Brudenell. On the main building.
PE-01-05   Untitled Georgetown Playhouse 06-2014 N46 10.972 W62 31.947 In Georgetown. At the NE corner of Grafton & Kent Sts.
PE-01-06   Untitled Tranquility Cove Adventures 06-2014 N46 10.782 W62 31.886 In Georgetown. On the E. side of Kent St. 0.1 miles (0.2 km) S. of Water St.