My very short rendition of the rules for determining the category of a covered bridge:

First, the WGN (World Guide Number), the first column in the list: Example: xx-yy-zz, xx=state, yy=county within the state, & zz=number within the county.

  1. Authentic: For a bridge to be authentic, it must be at least 12’ long, be across something, have a truss, be of mostly wood construction, & its purpose is to carry cars across that something. These bridges will be denoted with a numeric 3rd digit set [eg 01-02-03].
  2. Romantic Shelter: Romantic shelters have be at least 12’ long, be of mostly wood construction, & be across something. These bridges will be denoted with an alpha 3rd digit set [eg 01-02-a].
    1. Upper case alpha if the purpose of the bridge is for automobile traffic.
    2. Lower case alpha if the purpose of the bridge is for pedestrian traffic.
  3. OCBI (Of Covered Bridge Interest): Covered bridges that don’t fit into Authentic or Romantic Shelter category. These bridges will be denoted with a left parenthesis-alpha 3rd digit set [eg 01-02-(a]. These include:
    1. Concrete & Steel construction covered bridges.
    2. Covered bridges connected to a building on one or both ends whether wood or concrete/steel.
    3. Buildings that resemble a covered bridge.

When you send me a picture of a CB, I need enough information about it to be able to determine which category to place it in. Without that determination, the picture just sits in a “hopefully someday” directory until I can get the required information to determine its category. Then I will send the information to the NSPCB for an official number.

Please include as much of the following with your entry as you can:

  1. The date the picture was taken and who gets credit for the photo.
  2. The name of the bridge.
  3. The name of the water it crosses.
  4. The length of the bridge portal to portal.
  5. The date the bridge was built.
  6. The location of the bridge with enough detail that I can find it on a map. GPS coordinates of the bridge would be great.

I will put an entry on my list indicating there is a CB, but there will be no information on the list. So, if you only have the location information, send as much as you can and if I can get it on the list, maybe someone someday will stop by and be able to talk to the owner & the required information for the bridge.

Questions? E-mail