New Jersey Covered Bridges List
– Mar 13, 2017
Number County Name Water Spans Length Built Truss GPS Description
30-01-a Atlantic Stage Coach Trailer Park Stevens Creek 1 21' 1971 Stringer GONE Estell Manor. SR50, 5 miles S. of May's Landing off Beach Av.
30-01-b   Adventure Village track 1 18' 1969 Stringer GONE Cardiff. 2.5 miles E. of junction of US40 & US322 at Ivins Av. on US322. Abandoned.
30-01-C   Village Greene swale 1 36' 1988 Stringer N39 29.743 W74 27.692 At Village Greene in Smithville, Galloway Township. Moss Mill Rd. W. 0.3 miles from jct with US9, N. into parking lot 300' to the bridge to the east.
30-01-d   Dutch Barn Restaurant dry land     1967 Stringer   Abescon Township. Route 30
30-01-e   Birch Grove Park pond 1 ~40' 1988 Stringer N39 22.592 W74 33.840 On a walking path in Birch Grove Park in Northfield. Mill Rd. NW 0.3 miles from jct with US9, NE on Burton Av. 0.1 miles, NW into the park 0.35 miles. Bridge is on walking path to the NE. Built by William & Paul Weikel.
30-01-(a   Honeybrook Farms dry land N/A 70' 1964 N/A GONE twp = Scullville.
30-02-a Bergen Children's Zoo Van Saun Brook 3 37' 1963 Stringer   Paramus - River Edge. In Van Saun Park, W. of SR503. (N40 56.050 W74 02.773)
30-02-B   Franklin Lakes brook 1 20' 1965 Cement slab N41 01.660 W74 12.328 In Franklin Lakes. US202 N. 0.15 miles from jct with I287 exit 58, E. on Franklin Av. 1.5 miles, NE (left) on Circle Av. 0.3 miles, E. (right) on Circle Av. 100' to the bridge on the N. side of the road.
30-02-c   Wyckoff Town Park pond inlet 1 24' 1975 Stringer GONE Wyckoff. In town part, N. side of Franklin Av.
30-03-b Burlington Camp Ockanickon Rainbow Lake outlet 1 31' 1968 Stringer N39 51.077 W74 47.479 At Camp Ockanickon S. of Medford Lakes, Medford Township. Stokes Rd. (CR SR541) S. 1.2 miles from jct with Tabernacle Rd. (CR532) in Medford Lakes to the camp on the E. side of the road at 1303. Ask permission at camp office.
30-03-c   Allen's Kennel Swede Run 1 12' 1970 Stringer GONE Moorestown. W. of SR615, E. of village at 116 Borton Landing Rd., at the NW end of Allens Ln. (~N39 58.740 W74 55.580)
30-03-d   Jones branch Bear Swamp River 10 131' 1977 Stringer N39 51.635 W74 43.380 N. of Tabernacle, Tabernacle Township. Carranza Rd. NW 1.3 miles from jct with Medford Lakes Rd. in Tabernacle to the bridge on the E. side of the road up a driveway 0.1 miles. Driveway difficult to see & bridge is N. of the driveway.
30-03-e   Allen branch Rancocas Creek 1 30' 1987 Stringer N39 56.652 W74 46.409 NW of Vincentown, Southampton Township. Main St. NW (curves N.) 0.6 miles from jct with US206 in Vincentown, W. on Mill St. 0.3 miles, NW on Landing St. 1.0 miles to the bridge on the NE side of the road.
30-03-f   Little Mill Golf Course           GONE  
30-03-g   Ronald Schwinn or White Oaks pond outlet 1 16' 2002 Stringer N39 51.438 W74 54.427 S. of Marlton, Evesham Township. NJ73 S. 2.7 miles from jct with NJ70 in Marlton, SE on Braddock Mill Rd. 0.6 miles, NE on Tomlinson Mill Rd. 0.25 miles to the bridge on the W. side of the road at 316 White Oaks.
30-04-A Camden Bob Scarborough North Branch Cooper River 1 50' 1959 Cement slab N39 54.041 W74 59.552 In Cherry Hill. NJ70 W. 0.2 miles from jct with I295 exit34 in Cherry Hill, S. on Covered Bridge Rd. 0.8 miles to the bridge.
30-04-B   Clementon Lake Railroad brook 1 32' 1965 Stringer GONE Clementon. In Clementon Park, 1 mile S. of US30. Admission.
30-04-d   Village Apartments Pine Lake inlet 3 52' 1987 Stringer   Lindenwold. Just N. of US30 at Oak Av. & W. of Gibbsboro Rd. 2 blocks. (N39 48.948 W74 59.269)
30-04-E   Sidney Bitman #1 Covey Run 1 24' 1986 Stringer N39 51.488 W74 59.911 In Voorhees. Evesham Rd. E. 1.6 miles from jct with US30, S. on Atlantic Av. 1 block to the bridge on the W. side of the road. Hard to see because of the trees.
30-04-f   Sidney Bitman #2 Covey Run 1 22' 1990 Stringer N39 51.476 W74 59.896 Same as 30-04-E.
30-04-G   Tansboro pond 1 18' 2000 Stringer N39 45.929 W74 55.065 S. of Berlin, Tansboro Township. Tansboro Rd. S. 1.9 miles from jct with US30 (White Horse Pike) in Berlin to the bridge on the E. side of the road at 436.
30-06-a Cumberland Bridgeton Park Branch Cohansey Creek 1 12' 1958 Stringer   Bridgeton. In Park Zoo. (~N39 26.421 W75 14.355)
30-06-b #2   Cohanzick Zoo canal 1 30' 1988 Stringer   Same as 30-06-a.
30-08-A Gloucester Haines Dairy Farm Bethel Run 1 25' 1966 King --GONE-- N39 45.583 W75 06.386 In Huffville, Washington Township. Hurffville-Crosskeys Rd. (CR654) SE 0.2 miles from jct with NJ47 (Delsea Dr.) to the bridge on the SW side of the road on the W. side of the pond.
30-08-b   Richman Dairy Bar Willow Run 1 24' 1967 Stringer GONE Woodbury Heights. SR553 (Glassboro Av.) opposite post office.
30-08-c   Sharp Squakum Branch 1 16' 1970 Stringer GONE twp = Monroe. E 322 on Walnut St. - Williamstown.
30-08-d   Zabriskia stream 1 14' 1975   GONE Franklin. Off SR47 on Grant Av. to East Av., Franklinville.
30-08-E   Timothy Lake Scotland Run 1 41' 1978 Stringer   Franklin Township. At Village Dock Campground, Rte.47. On downstream side. (N39 35.851 W75 03.745)
30-08-F   Canterbury Mews Condos pnd outlet 1 80'   Stringer N39 45.032 W75 06.191 S. of Huffville, Washington Township. Huffville Crosskeys Rd. SE 0.75 miles from jct with NJ47 (Delsea Dr.) in Huffville, SW (right) on Holly Av. 0.3 miles, SE (left) on Haines Mill Rd. 50' to the bridge.
30-10-01 Hunterdon Green Sergeant Wickecheoke Creek 1 84' 1866 Modified Queen N40 26.64 W74 57.97 W. of Sergeantsville, Delaware Township. CR604 W. 1.2 miles from jct with CR523 in Sergeantsville to the bridge.
30-10-A   Twin Brook North Branch Rockaway Creek 1 20' 1964 Stringer N40 42.216 W74 48.341 SE of Califon, Tewksbury Township. Academy St. S. (curves E.) 1.0 miles from jct with River Rd. in Califon, S. (right) on Guinea Hollow Rd. 0.35 miles, E. (left) on Sutton Rd. 0.85 miles, S. (right - curves W.) on Boulder Hill Rd. 0.6 miles to the bridge on the S. side of the road.
30-10-B   Vroom stream 1 32' 1986 Town N40 43.577 W74 52.173 W. of Califon, Lebanon Township. Sliker Rd. NW 0.65 miles from jct with Califon Chester Rd. (CR513), SW (left) on Hill Rd. 1.2 miles, SE (left) on Sassafras Ln. 0.1 miles to the bridge on the E. side of the road back in a pasture 250'.
30-10-C     North Branch Rockaway Creek 1 26' x 27'   Stringer N40 42.435 W74 48.350 SE of Califon, Tewksbury Township. Academy St. S. (curves E.) 1.0 miles from jct with River Rd. in Califon, S. (right) on Guinea Hollow Rd. 0.35 miles, E. (left) on Sutton Rd. 0.85 miles, S. (right) on Boulder Hill Rd. 0.35 miles, E. (left) on multi-home driveway 200' to the bridge.
30-11-a Mercer Harbourton 19' brook 1 19'   Stringer N40 22.159 W74 50.832 W. of Hopewell, Hopewell Township. Louellen St. (becomes Lambertville Hopewell Rd.) W. 4.6 miles from jct with Broad St. in Hopewell, S. on Harbourton Rocktown Rd. 0.15 miles to the bridge on the E. side of the road at 1598. Between the road & house. Cupola. Ask permission to visit.
30-11-b   Harbourton 18' brook 1 18'   Stringer N40 22.156 W74 50.780 Same as 30-11-a. S. of the house. Ask permission to visit.
30-13-a Monmouth Covered Bridge Complex dry land N/A 36' 1971 N/A   SW of Robertsville, Manalapan Township. Off SR9, W. side, 5 miles N. of Freehold Circle. (N40 19.598 W74 18.352)
30-13-B   Perez pond inlet 1 32' 1971 Stringer UNK Upper Freehold. At 1009 Province Line Rd.
30-13-C   Browne's Cedar railroad 1 55' 1988 Cement slab N40 23.63 W74 07.26 In Middletown, Middletown Township. Kings Hwy E. 0.1 miles from jct with Red Hill Rd. in Middletown, S. on private driveway 200' to the bridge.
30-13-(a     brook   10'   Stringer UNK twp = Long Branch. on a golf course. Marked as a footbridge in the book. Don't know if it still exists or not.
30-14-a Morris Green Village or Cassidy brook 1 12' 1967 Stringer GONE Chatham. 345 E Green Village Rd., 0.8 miles E. of village.
30-14-b     Beaver Run 1     Stringer   Lafayette. Off SR15 in complex of old mill buildings which have been converted to a small, specialized antique shopping center. (N41 05.907 W74 41.410)
30-18-a Somerset Cromwell Camp Grounds creek 1 25' 1967 Stringer N40 35.300 W74 32.604 N. of Bound Brook, Bridgewater Township. Vosseller Av. N. 0.9 miles from jct with US22 just N. of Bound Brook to the bridge on the E. side of the road at 870.
30-18-b   Bridgewater Commons Macs Brook in gulch 1 152' 1988 Stringer   At Bridgewater Commons Mall N. of Somerville, Bridgewater Township. NE corner of jct of US22 & US202 & SW of I287. (N40 35.081 W74 36.968)
30-20-a Union TerryLou Acres Robinson Brook 1 17' 1963 Stringer GONE Scotch Plains. Off Terrill Rd., 3 miles S. of US22.
30-20-b   Tempe Ash Brook 1 25' 1967 Stringer N40 37.046 W74 22.091 S. of Fanwood, Scotch Plains Township. Terrill Rd. SE 2.9 miles from jct with US22, SW on Clover Ln. to end to the bridge.
30-21-(a Warren   dry land N/A ~40'   N/A   Millbrook. Nothing else known.