Maryland Covered Bridges List
– Feb 24, 2017
Number County Name Water Spans Length Built Truss GPS Description
20-01-A Allegany Betty Ruth Town Creek 1 c62' 1993 Stringer with I-beams N39 41.858 W78 32.518 E. of Flintstone, District 3, Flintstone Township. Old National Pike (MD114) E. 1.2 miles from jct with I68 exit 56, N. on Dry Ridge Rd. 0.4 miles, E. on Romsburg Ln. (private driveway) 0.5 miles to house. Ask permission to visit.
20-03-02 20-12-01 Baltimore Jericho Little Gunpowder River 1 88' 1858 Burr N39 27.58 W76 23.25 ENE of Kingsville. Jerusalem Rd. NE 2.0 miles from jct with US1 in Kingsville, S. on Jericho Rd. 0.25 miles to the bridge.
20-03-c   Rockland Grist Mill run-off area 1 ~12'   Stringer   At Rockland Grist Mill. (approx N39 23.987 W76 40.042)
20-06-a Carroll Full Cry Farm creek 1 28' 2007 Stringer N39 38.046 W76 55.860 SW of Manchester, District 6, Manchester Township. MD27 (Manchester Rd.) SW 3.2 miles from jct with MD30 (Main St.) to the bridge on the N. side of the road at 2022. Private, permission to visit.
20-06-B   River Valley Ranch S branch Gunpowder Falls 1 28' x 11' 1990s Stringer N39 41.783 W76 48.360 At River Valley Ranch NE of Manchester, District 6, Manchester Township. York Rd. N. 0.7 miles from jct with MD30 (Main St.) in Manchester, E. (right) on Millers Station Rd. 1.6 miles, N. (left) on Alesia Rd. 1.4 miles, right on Alesia Lineboro Rd. 350', left on Alesia Rd. 0.2 miles, E. (right) on Roller Rd. 1.7 miles, N. (left) on Grave Run Rd. 0.15 miles to the bridge on the E. side of the road. Ask permission to visit.
20-06-c   Hearts Over Water ditch 1 14' x 4' 2010 Stringer N39 22.872 W76 58.317 At Fairhaven Retirement Community N. of Sykesville. MD851 (Springfield Av.) W. (curves S.) 0.1 miles from jct with MD32 (Sykesville Rd.) on the N. side of Sykesville, right on 3rd Av. 0.1 miles, right into Fairhaven, right again on Outter Dr. to the first available visitor parking spot. Walk through the archway under the apartments until you reach the reception area. The bridge is located along the walking trails. Permission to visit the bridge MUST be made in advance by calling the reception desk at 410-795-8800. Built by Boy Scout Troop 393 in Westminster.
20-06-d   Carroll County Farm Museum Little Pipe Creek 1 30' x 6' x 7' 2010 Stringer N39 33.507 W76 59.771 In Westminster, District 7, Westminster Township. Center St. SW (curves S.) 0.85 miles from jct with MD32 (Main St.), W. on Farm Museum Rd. 0.15 miles. Bridge is behind the admin bldg. Ask permission at the admin bldg to see the bridge.
20-06-(a               GONE Same as 20-06-d. Attached to bldg.
20-07-01 Cecil Gilpin Falls Northeast Creek 1 119' 1860 Burr N39 38.92 W75 57.35 N. of North East. MD272 N. 3.0 miles from jct with US40 on the N. side of North East to the bridge on the E. side of the road. Closed to motor traffic. Rebuilt 2009.
20-07-02   Foxcatcher Farms Big Elk Creek 1 80' 1860 Burr approximate N39 42.77 W75 50.19 In Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area NE of Fair Hill. MD273 E. 3.0 miles from jct with MD213 in Fair Hill, N. on Appleton Rd. 1.3 miles, W. on Black Bridge Rd. into the Nature Center & parking lot. A dirt road (may be closed) across the parking lot goes to the bridge.
20-07-a   Joseph Monger East Branch Christina River 1 24' 1997 Stringer --GONE-- N39 43.220 W75 47.634 ENE of Fair Hill, Fair Hill Township. MD273 (Telegraph Rd.) E. 3.6 miles from jct with MD213 (Lewisville Rd.) in Fair Hill, N. (curves E.) on Little Egypt Rd. 1.8 miles to the bridge on the S. side of the road. Destroyed by a flood caused by Hurricane Irene 8-28-11.
20-10-01 Frederick Utica Mills Fishing Creek 2 100' 1850 Burr N39 31.510 W77 23.857 N. of Frederick, Lewistown Township. US15 N. 3.3 miles from jct with MD355 on the N. side of Frederick, continue N. on Old Frederick Rd. 1.6 miles, W. on Utica Rd. 0.15 miles to the bridge.
20-10-02   Roddy Road Owens Creek 1   1850 King N39 38.452 W77 23.624 NE of Thurmont, District 15, Thurmont Township. US15 N. 0.6 miles from jct with MD550 on the N. side of Thurmont, E. on Roddy Creek Rd. 0.5 miles, S. on Roddy Rd. 200' to the bridge.
20-10-03 #2   Loy's Station Owens Creek 2 90' 1994 MKP N39 36.520 W77 21.083 ESE of Thurmont, District 4, Creagerstown Township. MD77 E. 3.8 miles from jct with US15 in Thurmont, S. on Old Frederick Rd. 0.3 miles to the bridge. Arsoned 1991, rebuilt 1994.
20-10-a   Baker Park Carroll Creek 1 39' 1965 Stringer N39 25.174 W77 25.605 In Baker Park in Frederick. Rosemont Av. E. 350' from jct with US15 exit 7 in Frederick, S. on W 2nd St. 0.25 miles to the park & bridge on the W. side of the road.
20-10-b   Cozy Restaurant Fish Pond 1 12' 1967 Stringer MOVED At The Cozy in Thurmont. Frederick Rd. (MD806) S. 0.5 miles from jct with MD77 (Main St.) in Thurmont to the Cozy & the bridge on the W. side of the road at 103. (N39 37.103 W77 24.942) [] Moved to 20-15-f.
20-10-c   Holly Hills CC Lower Long Branch 1 17' 1972 Stringer N39 23.296 W77 19.265 Near the 6th Tee at Holly Hills Country Club N. of Ijamsville, District 9, New Market Township. Mussetter Rd. N. 2.2 miles from jct with Ijamsville Rd. in Ijamsville, W. on Ritchie Dr. 0.7 miles to the golf course on the S. side of the road.
20-10-d   Holly Hill CC Middle Long Branch 1 17' 1972 Stringer N39 23.173 W77 19.045 Same as 20-10-c. Tee 7.
20-10-e   Holly Hills CC Upper Long Branch 1 17' 1972 Stringer N39 23.083 W77 18.948 Same as 20-10-c. Tee 17.
20-10-f   Rudderow brook 2 38' 1972 Stringer N39 25.757 W77 30.348 ESE of Middletown, Braddock Township. US40A (Old National Pike) E. 2.3 miles from jct with MD17 in Middletown to the bridge on the N. side of the road at 4612.
20-10-g   Walkersville Community Park Glade Creek 1 19' x 7' 1984 Stringer N39 28.787 W77 21.850 In Walkersville Community Park in Walkersville. Biggs Ford Rd. W. 0.7 miles from jct with Main St., S. on Kenneth Rd. 0.2 miles to the park. Walk 100 yds W. to the bridge. Designed & erected by Eagle Scout Ronnie Easter.
20-11-a Garrett Pen Alps Rest.   1     Stringer MOVED Changed to 20-11-(a.
20-11-b   Casselman Motor Inn ditch 1 20' 1983 Stringer N39 41.795 W79 09.121 At the Casselman Motor Inn in Grantsville. MD495 (Yoder St.) N. 0.3 miles from jct with I68 exit 19, E. on US40 0.3 miles, N. on Dorsey Hotel Rd. 250' to the bridge on the W. side of the road.
20-11-c   Streams & Dreams Hoyes Run 1 22'   Stringer N39 31.742 W79 24.606 At the Streams & Dreams Retreat N. of Oakland, District 6, Sang Run Township. US219 NNE 13.2 miles from jct with MD39 in Oakland, W. on Sang Run Rd. 0.6 miles, S. (curves SW) on Hoyes Run Rd. 3.3 miles, N. on Oakland Sang Run Rd. 0.2 miles to the Retreat & bridge on the E. side of the road at 8214. []
20-11-d               MOVED Changed to 20-11-(a. -d cannot be used again.
20-11-E   Beitzel   1 59' 2005 Stringer N39 35.614 W79 13.241 S. of Bittinger, Bittinger Township. Benneman Rd. SE 0.25 miles from jct with MD495 in Bittinger, S. on Frank Brenneman Rd. 0.4 miles to the bridge on the W. side of the road at 2141. On a heavily wooded private driveway.
20-11-f   Blooming Road Rose ditch 1 15' x 7.5'   Stringer N39 38.679 W79 26.599 SW of Friendsville, Friendsville Township. MD42 W. 1.7 miles from jct with I68 exit 4 W. of Friendsville, S. on Blooming Rose Rd. 0.9 miles to the bridge on the W. side of the road at 2609. Very private. Do not enter property.
20-11-(a   Spruce Forest dry land N/A 16'   N/A N39 41.787 W79 08.510 At Spruce Forest Artisan Village E. of Grantsville, Grantsville Township. US40A E. 0.8 miles from jct with Yoder St. in Grantsville to the village & bridge on the N. side of the road.
20-12-A Harford Grube stream 1 24' x 9' 1970 Stringer --GONE-- N39 33.458 W76 18.038 In Bel Air. MD543 (Fountain Green Rd.) SE 0.7 miles from jct with US1 in Bel Air, E. (left) on Prospect Mill Rd. 2.0 miles to the bridge at 402. Collapsed 2007.
20-12-b   Cernick Branch Deer Creek 1 16' c1990 Stringer N39 42.240 W76 33.080 N. of Shawsville, District 4, Marshall Township, Hartford County, MD. MD23 (Norrisville Rd.) N. 5.0 miles from jct with MD149 (Old York Rd.) on the N. side of Shawsville, W. on Church Ln. 0.4 miles, N. (right - curves W.) on Duncan Rd. 0.6 miles to the bridge on the S. side of the road at 3017. Private, permission to visit.
20-13-A #2 Howard Burdette Tributary of South Branch Patapsco River 1 24' 1990 Stringer N39 21.735 W77 04.116 N. of Lisbon, Lisbon Township. MD94 N. 1.3 miles from jct with I70 exit 73 N. of Lisbon, W. on Newport Rd. 0.25 miles, left & continue W. on Newport Rd. 0.1 miles to the bridge.
20-13-b   Turf Valley Resort brook 3 24' 1994 Stringer N39 17.96 W76 54.02 In an unused part of Turf Valley Country Club W. of Ellicott City, West Friendship Township. US40 (Baltimore National Pike) W. 4.6 miles from jct with US29 exit 24 in Ellicott City, N. on Marriottsville Rd. 0.3 miles to the bridge on the E. side of the road.
20-15-a Montgomery Valley Mill Park Mill Race 1 31' 1960 Stringer GONE Colesville. Off US29, N. of I495, 1600 E Randolph Rd.
20-15-B   Smokey Glen Farm brook 1 28' 1976 Stringer N39 07.507 W77 15.945 NE of Darnestown, District 6 Township. MD28 (Darnestown Rd.) NE 2.0 miles from jct with MD112 (Seneca Rd.) in Darnestown, N. on Riffle Ford Rd. 0.6 miles to Smokey Glen Farm on the E. side of the road at 16407. Bridge is about 0.2 miles back in the farm.
20-15-C   Lawson King Muddy Branch 1 43' 1973 Stringer N39 07.909 W77 11.170 S. of Gaithersburg, District 9 Township. MD355 (Frederick Av.) SE 1.0 miles from jct with MD117 (Diamond Av.) in Gaithersburg, NE (left) on Central Av. 0.1 miles to the bridge on the N. side of the road up a driveway 150'.
20-15-d   Valieant or Meadowside Nature Center stream 1 20' 1977 King N39 06.820 W77 06.596 On Pioneer Trail at Meadowside Nature Center in Rock Creek Regional Park W. of Norbeck, District 4 Township. MD115 (Muncaster Mill Rd.) NW 1.4 miles from jct with MD28 (Norbeck Rd.) in Norbeck, S. (left) on Meadowside Ln. 0.2 miles to the nature center on the W. side of the road. The bridge is about a quarter mile hike on the Pioneer Trail.
20-15-E   H. Deets Warfield pond 4 44' 1966 Stringer N39 18.866 W77 11.533 N. of Damascus, District 12 Township. MD27 (Ridge Rd.) N. 2.1 miles from jct with MD108 (Main St.) in Damascus, SE (right) on multiple family driveway 0.25 miles to house at 28031. Bridge is 0.1 miles SE of this house. Built by H. Deets Warfield. Private, ask permission.
20-15-f   Cozy Restaurant creek 1 12' 1967 Stringer N39 09.228 W77 24.910 N. of Poolesville, District 3 Township. Elgin Rd. N. 0.55 miles from jct with Whites Ferry Rd. in Poolesville to the bridge on the E. side of the road on the other side of the playground. Was 20-10-b.
20-16-a Prince Georges Bowie Horse Crossing Race Track Road 3 113' 1989 Stringer N39 00.464 W76 44.667 E. of Bowie, Bowie Township. Race Track Rd. NE (curves SE) 1.2 miles from jct with MD197 just E. of Bowie to the bridge overhead. Used to get the horses from the stable area to the track over Race Track Road.
20-20-a Talbot Peachblossom Creek Peachblossom Creek 1 c50'   Stringer N38 43.930 W76 04.341 On an old RR bed walking trail S. of Easton, District 1, Easton Township. MD333 (Oxford Rd.) S. 1.4 miles from jct with MD322 (Easton Pky), E. (left - curves SW) on Cooks Hope Rd. (dead end) 1.1 miles, E. (left) on Springfield Dr. 0.5 miles (to end). Park & walk E. (go S. (right) at the Y) on the walking trail about ¼ mile to the bridge.
20-21-A Washington Green Spring Green Spring 1 30' x 15'   Stringer N39 36.932 W77 58.387 SW of Clear Spring, District 4 Clear Spring Township. Big Spring Rd. S. 1.8 miles from jct with US40 in Clear Spring, W. on MD56 (Big Pool Rd.) 2.2 miles, S. on Mc Coys Ferry Rd. 0.5 miles to the bridge on the W. side of the road at 11014.
20-23-A Worcester Inlet Isle Lane pond 5 ~80'   Stringer N38 20.066 W75 06.194 W. of Ocean City, District 10, Ocean City Township. US50 W. 0.8 miles from jct with MD528 (Philadelphia Av.) in Ocean City, S. (left) on Shantytown Ln. 250', W. (right) on Inlet Isle Ln. 0.1 miles, S. (left) 100' to the bridge.