Louisiana Covered Bridges List
– Jul 22, 2014
Number County Name Water Spans Length Built Truss GPS Description
18-17-A East Baton Rouge Dr. Mills pond 2 43' 1924 Stringer --GONE-- N30 41.454 W91 12.257 NW of Zachary. LA964 (Old Scenic Hwy) N. 2.9 miles from jct with LA64 (Church St.) on the W. side of Zachary, E. on Brian Rd. 0.1 miles to the bridge on the S. side of the road at 23090. Built by Dr. Tom L. Mills.
18-17-B   Leavy White Bayou 3     Stringer N30 33.432 W91 07.068 In Brownfields. Foster Rd. S. 0.15 miles from jct with Comite Dr. to the bridge on the E. side of the road up a driveway 0.15 miles. Private.
18-36-(a Orleans Superdome New Orleans Centre LaSalle St. 1 72'   Concrete & steel N29 57.05 W90 04.73 In New Orleans. On the E. side of the Superdome connecting the Superdome to the New Orleans Centre.
18-40-A Rapides Camp Beauregard 109 tributary of Flagon Bayou 1 32' 1978 Stringer N31 22.31 W92 24.24 In Camp Beauregard N. of Pineville, District A Township. US165 N. 0.7 miles from jct with US167 on the N. side of Pineville, E. on Esler Field Rd. (LA116) 0.3 miles, continue E. on F St. (through Camp Gate - with pass) 0.2 miles, N. on 3rd St. 1 block, take left fork 0.1 miles to the bridge. If the F St. gate is closed, continue E. on Esler Field Rd. 1.2 miles to the gate at 15th St. Built by Detachment 1 Company C 527th Engineers of the Louisiana National Guard.
18-40-B   Camp Beauregard 108 tributary of Flagon Bayou 1 32' 1978 Stringer N31 22.34 W92 24.19 Same as 18-40-A, but right fork from 3rd St. DET 1 CO C 527 ENGR on the bottom sign.
18-42-A Richland Franklin Bee Bayou 8 106' x 15' 11968 Stringer   E. of Rayville, District 4 Township. US80 E. 3.7 miles from jct with LA852 (Pine St.) in Rayville, N. on Franklin Dr. 150 yds, E. on Franklin Dr. 200' to the bridge. Cannot be seen from US80. Private. Built by George B. Franklin, Jr. & his employees. (N32 28.439 W91 41.397)
18-59-A Washington Hackley Hill Hay's Creek 1 30' 1967 Stringer N30 59.79 W90 05.27 E. of Warnerton. FL438 E. 5.5 miles from jct with FL25 in Warnerton, continue E. where FL438 turns S. The bridge is on the private property straight ahead through the gate about 0.5 miles. Permission. There is a single-span uncovered ramp of 19' at the left downstream portal and a 2-span uncovered ramp of 21' at the right downstream portal for four spans of a total length of 71'. Closed to vehicle traffic. Built by Brandon Hayes Sylvia and/or J. B. Belcher.