(International Village, 25', 1975, 38-01-B) across a brook SSW of Gettysburg, Cumberland Township, Adams County, PA. Bus.US15 (Emmitsburg Rd.) N. 2.1 miles from jct with US15 7 miles S. of Gettysburg, E. into Eisenhower Inn / Devonshire Village / Allstar complex. Ask about the bridge at the Eisenhower Inn registration desk. They should instruct one to park at the rear of their lot or one may ask for permission to drive thru the defunct International Village parking lot to get to the bridge located at the northeast corner of the lot or directly behind the playground area for the Devonshire Village. There is a wooden fence constructed that separates the defunct parking lot and Devonshire Village parking and village. (N39 45.819 W77 15.918) Top 3 photos by Dan McWilliams 6-16-06.
Photo by Carl McDaniel 1970s.