(Guerst or Otter Slide or Rich Valley or Park Hill, 44', 35-61-40) across a ravine in the county fairgrounds, SW of Caldwell, Olive Township, Noble County, OH. North St. W. 1 block from jct with OH821 in Caldwell, S. on Young St. (changes to Fairgrounds Rd. & curves W.) 0.4 miles, S. on Bronze Hts. 250’, W. into the fairgrounds 0.2 miles to the bridge on the N. side of the road. (N39 44.530 W81 31.843) Top 4 photos by Jack & June Schmidt 7-6-15.
Photos 5 & 6 by Barbara & Forrest Rayburn 9-4-10.
Photo by Mike MacCarter 08-2001.