Sault Ste Marie Murals

(New Beginning)
St. Mary’s River Dr. SW (curves S.) 0.3 miles (0.5km) from jct with Bay St. to the mural on the E. side of the road.
(N46 30.757 W84 20.418)
NW side East St. ½ block NE of Bay St. way into parking lot.
(N46 30.484 W84 19.755)
(Algoma on the Move)
SW side Albert St. 200’ (60m) NW of East St. way into parking lot.
(N46 30.518 W84 19.657)
(Top Hat Billiards)
SW side Albert St. 100 yds (90m) NW of East St. way into parking lot.
(N46 30.524 W84 19.679)
(Gutenberg Press)
SE side St. Mary’s River Dr. ½ block NE of Bay St.
(N46 30.704 W84 20.050)
(Dirt Bike)
100 yds (90m) N. of intersection 2nd Line & Old Garden River Rd.
(N46 32.376 W84 18.834)
(Steelton Service Station)
SW side Wellington St. 100’ (30m) NW of John St.
(N46 31.425 W84 20.660)
NE side Wellington St 200’ (60m) SE of Brown St.
(N46 31.328 W84 20.501)
(Studio 10)
W. side bldg SW corner Queen & Hudson Sts.
(N46 31.116 W84 21.075)
NW side Church St. 0.1 miles (0.15km) SW of Queen St.
(N46 30.286 W84 19.374)
(Sault Ste Marie Murals) in Sault Ste Marie, Algoma County, ON. Photos by Jack Schmidt 5-26-07.