DeLand Murals

(Down by the River)
NE corner Church St. & US17/92 (Woodland Blvd).
(N29 01.851 W81 18.186)
(Turn of the Century)
in Painter’s Pond Park NW corner Wisconsin & Hayden Blvds.
(N29 01.930 W81 18.080)
(Western Scene)
NE corner Wisconsin Av. & US17/92 (Woodland Blvd).
(N29 01.907 W81 18.187)
(Lue Gim Gong)
SE corner Wisconsin Av & US17/92 (Woodland Blvd).
(N29 01.882 W81 18.202)
E. side of bldg in parking lot NE corner Rich Av. & US17/92 (Woodland Blvd).
(N29 01.818 W81 18.171)
SE corner Rich Av. & US17/92 (Woodland Blvd).
(N29 01.783 W81 18.193)
on Mid Florida Septic E. side Kepler Rd. 0.5 miles S. of US92.
(N29 03.363 W81 15.735)
NW corner New York Av. & US17/92 (Woodland Blvd).
(N29 01.689 W81 18.224)
(DeLand Murals) in DeLand, Volusia County, FL. Photos by Jack & June Schmidt 5-18-10.