Athens Murals

(Athens High School Graduation)
S. side Church St. 0.1 miles (0.2km) W. of Mill St.
(N44 37.499 W75 56.869)
(Train Station)
NE corner Main & Henry Sts.
(N44 37.620 W75 57.023)
(Village Bandstand)
SE corner Main & Victoria Sts.
(N44 37.594 W75 57.016)
(The Gathering)
N. side Main St. 1/3 block W. of Henry St.
(N44 37.598 W75 57.073)
(Highway 42 1890’s)
E. side bldg NE corner Main & Elgin Sts.
(N44 37.577 W75 57.134)
(Main St. Scene)
S. side Main St. 150’ (45m) E. of Elgin St.
(N44 37.556 W75 57.106)
(Charleston Lake Picnic)
S. side Main St. ½ block E. of Elgin St.
(N44 37.570 W75 57.069)
(Brave Deed)
NW corner Main & George Sts.
(N44 37.511 W75 57.300)
(Athens Murals) in Athens, Leeds Grenville County, ON. Photos by Jack & June Schmidt 5-26-11.