Article from The Daily Record 
June 27, 2005

Holmes County artist pays tribute to musical legends
CLARK - Traveling along Holmes County Road 150, you would expect to see beautiful landscapes and the occasional Amish buggy or two.
      You would not, however, expect to come face-to-face with The Fab Four or The King.
      Sure enough, though, a larger-than-life depiction of George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and John Lennon graces the east face of painter Rusty Baker's barn at 1665 County Road 150 while Elvis Aaron Presley adorns the western face, the first notes of the artist's tribute to musical legends.
      “This is just the beginning,” he said, noting additional icons, including Loretta Lynn and Bob Dylan, will soon cover the barn’s exterior.
      A musician and guitar collector in
  addition to being a painter, Baker has created unique three dimensional murals in more than 50 cities in Ohio and West Virginia, including the new “dungeon” mural in the West Holmes High School gym and the front of the First Knox National Bank in Millersburg (
      Why paint a barn in Holmes County with The Beatles?
      “It’s just my thing,” Baker replied, adding his home has been bombarded with curious people, stopping and taking pictures of the rustic rock and roll monument.
      The barn is not the only thing on Baker’s property to get a musical make over.
      A backyard propane tank has become a showpiece thanks to a new paint job; it’s now the Yellow Submarine.